What do I need to be eligible to this program?
You need to have access to the server/hosting account where your website is hosted.

30 days is too long, can this be done faster?
The Alexa site provide reports for 7 days, 1 month and 3 month periods only. If you have an average Alexa ranking of 500.000 during the last 30 days then the average Alexa ranking would still be higher than 250,000 even if we boost your 7 days ranking to 30,000 so we need a full month to have the ability to guarantee that your 1 or 3 Month ranking goes up and is reported as so by Alexa.

Do you provide any guarantee?
YES, we are proud to provide a FULL REFUND GUARANTEE if we fail to have your website ranked higher than 30,000 in the 1 or 3 Month Alexa ranking. You keep your HIGHER ranking and you get your money back at the end of the 30 days or 90 days periodif we fail to rank you higher than 30,000.

How soon will I see the results?
You will see the first results as fast as 2-3 DAYS after we start your campaign in the Alexa 7 day ranking chart. Your website ranking will be reported between 10,000-30,000 when you signup to our service. Your website will rank even higher if it already receives traffic from alternative sources. 10,000-30,000 Global ranking is the ranking expected for domain names that will receive traffic from our network only.

My website already ranks higher than 100,000, is there any benefit I could get with this service?
YES, the traffic we will send comes in addition to your existing traffic so your ranking will probably go up by 200% or more when you use our Alexa Boost service.

From which country is originated your Alexa traffic?
Our Alexa traffic is GLOBAL so this service will dramatically boost your Global Alexa ranking to the top 20.000-30.000 sites.

Can I make sales with the traffic you send to my website?
No, this service is dedicated to increase your Alexa ranking only, it will not generate sales or signups.

Is there any RISK?
No, the method we use is not a trick or a bot visiting your website. We redirect unique internet users to your domain name and there is absolutely no risk of being accused of spamming or cheating.

Why do you need access to my hosting account?
We need to have access to a specific folder only. It can be any folder with any name, we need it to send traffic to a page which is be hosted at your domain name which we should be able to edit anytime.

I would like to recommend your service to a friend, do you have a referral program?
Yes, existing customers receive 5 days of additional FREE service when they refer a friend to our Alexa ranking service. That means $75.00 of free service use for you. Please contact us for more information.

What happens at the end of the 30 days?
You can either contact us to renew or your Alexa Booster campaign or it will stop automatically at the end of the 30 days period.

I have a question that is not listed here?
Please contact us through our contact us page and we will be happy to answer any question you may have within 12-24 hours.