This Is An Example of Host Website

Presented here is an example of a Publisher webpage you may find on the Network. Assume that the popunder ad code has been placed into the HTML of this page, which enables the display of the pop-under advertisement. A fully functioning browser window will silently appear UNDER this page when a visitor comes to this site.

If you look below at your taskbar, you should see another browser window...this is an advertisement--A full web page with navigational function. It is also called 'pop-behind' window. To go back to the previous page: Click here

You ad page will be displayed on websites which contain the name of the category you have chosen or a keyword you have submitted with your order.

Keyword Targeted Pop-Under Advertising is a highly effective form of internet marketing since you are reaching an audience that is specifically searching for what you are offering.

Advertisers FAQ:
Q: Do you count Blocked Pop-unders?
A: NO, our stats system counts displayed Pop-under ads ONLY.

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