If my program does not appear on the list can I still use your service?
Yes.  We work with hundreds of other sites as well.  All we ask is that your website be home business / business opportunity oriented and that the initial sign-up is free to members.

My website charges for memberships.  Can I still use your program?
You can only if your initial offering is free.  Meaning that a member can sign up for a free tour or trial basis without having to give payment information.

Where do the sign-ups come from?
We market a webpage with links to our clients sites and drive thousands of users to the webpage each and everyday.  If a visitor is interested in a certain product or opportunity they will click a link to be delivered to the members site.

How do I know if a sign-up came from you?
Not only do we offer stats that will show you how many sign-ups you have received from us, we will also list the name and partial email address of the sign-up in the lead list for your account.  

How many people a day visit your site?
We drive about 4500 interested opportunity seekers to our lead pages everyday.  Out of that amount, about 5% sign up for one or more programs listed.  These visitors are highly interested in finding the right program for them.  Most spend about 30 minutes investigating different offers.  

What if a sign-up has a bad email address?
We will replace it!  Just provide us with the bad sign-up email address.  As long as we can verify that the lead came from our system and the email address bounces back, we will credit your account with a replacement signup credit. 

How do you know who signed up for my program?
We have a one of a kind script that tells the webform on your website to send the information to 2 places instead of one.  Users who visit your site from our system will submit the same information to your backend control panel, and our system at the same time.  We debit your account for 1 sign-up each time someone signs up for your program through our promotional pages.  We also list the name and partial email address of the sign-up so that you can locate and compare the information as confirmation.

How long will it take to get sign-ups?
Many customers get between 2 - 5 sign-ups daily.  Weekdays are faster than weekends.  Bigger campaigns get more exposure to satisfy the large amount of sign-ups needed to fulfill the order, but everyone should get a few sign-ups at least every other day.

Do you pay people to sign up for my program?
Absolutely not!  The people who sign up for your program are genuinely interested in joining your program.  We spend thousands of dollars each month to drive high quality interested prospects to our clients program sites.