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 Our Presentation
HitPro is a business devoted to web site promotion on the worldwide web. Through in-depth research and hours of programming, we have developed the most effective means to submit URLs and web site information to as many search engines as possible. We figured this out so you don't have to! All you need to do is submit your web site information to us and we'll take it from there. Within 24 hours we will have the information you entered to up to 8000+ search engines, directories and links pages. Then, in 3-6 weeks, your web site will have a maximum presence in the web's search engines and directories.

The staff HitPro has been involved with the worldwide web from its beginning. We recall the days when the web was simply a convenient forum for academic discussions. Little did we know then what the web would become! Since we were there at the beginning, we have been able to watch the gradual development of internet technologies and learn from what we've seen. Most importantly, we have paid close attention to the development of search engines used to gather information on the worldwide web. Consequently, we know what it takes to promote a web site to these critical instruments of internet exploration. And what it takes first and foremost is submitting your URL and web site information to as many search engines and directories as possible.

One of the reasons submitting your URL and web site information to a large number of search engines and directories is important is because some of the major "spider" search engines (i.e., search engines like AltaVista, Infoseek, Excite, Lycos and WebCrawler) catalog how many links there are going to your web site. The more links there are, the more important your web site is perceived to be and the higher the placement of your site will be in search engine results. Thus, submitting your URL and site information to thousands of search engines and directories is strategic because thousands of links back to your site will be created.

Since submitting your web site's URL and information to thousands of search engines and directories is an incredibly time consuming task, here at HitPro we have figured out how to automate the process as much as possible. Consequently, we can do in hours what would take you days or weeks!

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