100% Targeted Opt-in Email Marketing
100% Targeted Opt-in Email Marketing
100% Targeted Opt-in Email Marketing

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100% Targeted and Guaranteed Website Traffic
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We update our Bulk email lists Every Week
We offer 1-million general e-mail lists for just $59.95. This permits you to concentrate on important e-mail marketing for your business, not on collecting and compiling mailing lists. Our mailing lists have been thoroughly cleaned and are supplied in a format that’s ready to mail. They can be easily imported into virtually any e-mail software program so that they’re ready to use immediately. If you have questions or need more information on any of our e-mail lists, all you have to do is ask and we’ll be there with the answers.

Whether you are an experienced e-mail marketer or new to the process, the success of your campaign will depend upon three vital factors that comprise the basis of any direct e-mail marketing campaign. These include:

  • Ongoing access to fresh, new e-mail lists.
  • Ensuring that your advertising copy is both optimized for search engines and relevant for visitors.
  • Being consistent by e-mailing at precise, pre-determined intervals to achieve important repetition that imprints in prospect’s memories.

To begin with, ask your self these important questions:

1. Do you require fresh lists on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule?
2. Do your e-mail campaigns need additional prospect mailing lists?
3. Do you need truly fresh lists that have not been previously solicited?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, you will find that our e-mail lists fill the bill perfectly. And accessing them is really easy too. All you need to do is to download our fresh, clean lists, import them into your e-mail software and kick-off the campaign. It’s just that simple!

You won’t have to worry about duplicates either

You won’t have to worry about unwanted duplicates watering-down your campaign either. We clean and filter them each Friday and then post them to our server ready for download. You can rest assured that the unwanted duplicates are gone, because we parse each list through an up-to-date ‘remove list’, a ‘string’ filter and an ‘ISP filter’ as well. Very little if any escapes to dilute your e-mail marketing campaign. All the unwanted un-deliverables, duplicates, problem domains & networks, unsubscribe requests and removals are quickly and completely eliminated before you receive the list. It doesn’t make a bit of difference whether you purchase 1 million or 98 million, there won’t be any undesired duplicates.

About deliverability

Our lists are ready for delivery whenever you need them because they are cleaned, filtered and posted to our server each week. Please keep in mind, however, that no mailing list can guarantee to be 100% free of duplicates simply because e-mail addresses cannot be compared to postal addresses. And even the most perfected filtering is not totally perfect. Rest assured, however, that they will be as clean and fresh as modern technology permits. Some users keep their e-mail lists for years, months, weeks or days. We suggest that our e-mail list customers download and use their lists as soon as they can.

Our list packages can provide as many addresses as you need

Flexibility in our offerings is important to us so that we can meet the specific needs of every customer. You can purchase a variety of bulk e-mail list packages that can contain as few as 1-million addresses or as many as 100 million, as shown in the table below.

We concentrate on list quality, not quantity

Thanks to our advanced filtration process, we can provide you with the best quality lists available anywhere today. Quality and deliverability are our primary concerns, not just quantity. After all, what good is a very-large e-mail list if the quality is poor?

Check out our business focus:

  • A. The fewest duplicate e-mail addresses that modern filtration technology permits
  • B. Parsing of lists through updated global suppression lists
  • C. String and ISP filtration
  • D. Lists run against a Validation Script that keeps deliverability as high as it can be.

    Targeted & Permission-Based E-Mail Campaigns:

    • Our strict attention to quality considerations ensures that every finished list is as fresh and clean as humanly possible. Give our e-mail lists a try; we are certain you will be extremely pleased with the results you obtain. Moreover, all our e-mail lists can be accessed at any time, 24-hours per day by merely downloading the lists you need directly from our servers.
NO duplicate emails
Emails parsed through our "String filter"
Emails parsed through our ISP filters

Money-Back Guarantee!
E-LIST is a service that provides you with NEW and FRESH email address lists on the fly.
Every email list can be accessed at any time 24 hours per day by downloading them directly from our servers.

- Advanced Delivery TECHNOLOGY
   - E-mail Marketing

Email Campaigns - As the leader in lists for e-mail campaigns, we can provide millions of high-quality, verified e-mail addresses that are available exclusively from us. As the leader in our business, we are quite simply the best and most reliable supplier available.

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